Friday, 13 April 2018

Politics or Law?

What is superior, politics of a nation or law of a nation? 

Politics is the foundation of a nation. Law is there to help that just foundation intact from injustice. Power, whether it flows from a mandate of people or from a pure dictator, keeps the order. It seems this simple and primitive natural truth is missing out from the spectrum of Nagananda Kodituwakku’s project for state, which he solely based upon only just law, not on prudence. 

There is one crucial issue at stake as Kodituwakku explains. Yaha Palana Government, Karu Yajasuriya to be specific, used a fake argument made by Attorney General Jayantha Jayasuriya to postpone the Provincial Elections in 2017. That Jayantha Jayasuriya did even when there is a Supreme Court determination existed against the 20th amendment. So, now, does the power of politics allow to circumnavigate a crucial bill like that always? When the power of politics shall bend the law to its own interest. And when it could be justified? To my understanding, it is nothing less than the concerns of our national interest shall permit it. This is where I differ from Kodituwakku. Law needs to be implemented with prudence when there is national interests at stake.

But I stand with Kodituwakka in latter case. Why? Because, whatever the possible outcome of provincial election result that could never have  inflicted any harm to our national interest. Of cause it could, if it was so certain that the opposition is to sell out all the strategic national assets to our rival international players. But of cause what happened was the opposite.

Having said that I have a graver issue to pick up with Kodituwakku and few others who share the same arguments against previous Rajapaksha administration and Mr. Gotabaya. To me, one shall born with the instinct as a realist that, for example, no one shall be able to ask questions about how the previous administration conducted its last phase of war. It shall be like the law that no one shall question the actions of Allied Forces against Nazis. Even the bombing of German civilian cities were justified by British. And there shall also be a no doubt about the land that preserved in Jaffna by previous administration for a larger military base, given the recurring historical facts about troubled communities within India. It has to be a paramount, as a sovereign nation, to safeguard its borders and therefore, we shall always have one of the largest military instalment in Jaffna. That will never discriminate any minorities within the country. In fact that such an instalment is to further the law and order within the state.

It shall also be so explicit to anyone who loves the island dearly that massive foreign currency income and employment of or ex-military personal in the Indian Ocean via any company, may be little circumnavigating the existing law, never be questioned. Because that foreign currency will never come if we waited for years. Like it does not come now. Then we come to the issue about the money spent of D.R. Rajapaksha’s Memorial Museum. Gotabaya has consistently argued that he never touched the money. Let’s say he touched the money for an argument sake. Then raise a question, do you want to imprison such an individual who has done incomparable duty to further the interests of our nation with his life. In these issues I beg to differ with Kodithuwakku and others that such a scramble worth to smear an image of national hero.

It is not that sheer ignorance of mine leads me to make this argument. It is because of the fact that under the veil of international human rights and humanitarian laws there lies ammunitions to destroy any victor’s justice. These laws are a cancer for any genuine war effort.  If we reversed the history back and kept asking justice for those civilians killed by all Kings of Roman, Prussian, Spanish, French or Anglo origins those nations will never have become materialised. So goes the argument for Duke of Wellington, Abram Lincoln, Allied Forces and Mao Zedong or for whomever you could think of as victors.

A time has come to our nation to say let the bygone be the bygone and focus only of the future of our beautiful small island. Let’s protect our national hero and spend our time to reflect on our long term national interest. 

There is only a hollow pit at the end of it if law is pursued without the prudence, especially when there is our national interest at stake.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

What is wrong with our beautiful Sri Lanka?

What a sad state of affairs are we living in Sri Lanka? 

Nagananda Kodituwakku keep proving our judiciary is conjuring with Executive Branch in crucial constitutional issues. Most members of our legislator are a bunch of spineless. And most of our Director Generals are always waiting a call or a letter from the Secretary to Minister or Minister himself to do even the right thing. Our so called civil society members, since 1948,  like Nirmal Dewasiri or Nalin De Silva believe they have fought hard and still fighting hard to further the interests of our people and nation. However though, the Auditor General of Sri Lanka, Gamini Wijesinghe, says our island is in a deep debt crises, and it is being worsened since seventies. Now the measurable debt amount, he stipulates, is over half of million rupees per person. It is depressingly sad and make reasonable people angry. What is the long term solution? Different administration for another five years? May be give the power to JVP this time?

Our President yet again let the Ranil to get away with his own agenda becoming the Minister of Law and Order. We all know that this happens despite the fact that Ranil himself facing grave allegations about his wrongdoing into the Bond Scam. And his other two members of same criminal enterprise are in prison. Listen to D.E.W Gunasekara, the chairman of the Bond Commission, explicitly saying Ranil is the mastermind of this scam. It is hypocritical to take a neutral stance saying he is innocent until proven otherwise. It is such blatant.

I guess, we ought to realize few things by now about our governing module since 1948. Have we managed to develop our country to be ‘the Peal of Indian Ocean’ or ‘The Land Like No Other’ as the slogans our Tourism Development Authorities constantly uses to promote Sri Lanka? That is despite the fact that they cannot even build a single functional toilet and maintain it’s services places like in Horton Plains or keep the places like Muthurajawela out of Garbage from their own Minister John Amarathunga, Minister of Tourism.

Our career politicians have always looked to survive their five year term. Naming and shaming happen always, one political party after the other. As Nalin De Silva rightly says, politicians have managed all these year just giving false promises to people. And when they fail on those promises, the people are given more false promises. And these false promises keep them afloat until next election time. One guy who clearly understood this is Prabhakaran. He had once said that Sri Lankans remember things only for a while. May be it is just the tropical heat, but it does not matter, we ought to break this dehumanizing chain for the sake of our Mother Land and its future. For your children and for the sake of our mother nature.

Max Webber says nation-state is a result of actions conducted by passionate individuals. Nation states are not built by career politicians who only get busier closer to election. In this outset, we had to realized that best empirically proven governing model in today’s world exist in China. Not in places like US or UK any longer, neither in Scandinavia. Look at the Trump or Brexit. They are the results of democracy. As D.E.W Gunasekara says our country has no savings to pay for our teachers in schools or to pay hospital bills, yet alone to invest money to build our infrastructure.

We shall soon welcome a passionate individual to lead us. There is a guy who loves our country and has a vision for the country. It is a fact that all the bad done to build a stronger and prouder nation shall be forgiven. Look at the example of all western nations and their infrastructures. Most of them built by Kings. And the exceptional US was built out of fear for them. No loans are bad loans if used for long term strategic investments. No killing is criminal if the intention behind to do so was to undisturbed development of nation.

Protection of the dignity of our sovereignty shall never be compromised by the false idea of idealism. I wish all of us to have strength to vote for a passionate individual in coming election.