Tuesday, 19 May 2015

What to commemorate and what not to commemorate in Victory Day of SriLanka

Even for the U.S. the traditional thresholds of Humanitarian Law provisions have enforced challengers in the face of GWT. Not only the illusive terrorists but also those who aiding and abetting  terrorists are grave concerns of U.S. That is only in just in bellow. Some of our politicians, with the help of unwise clan of academics, have easily been bought out by the victors’ version of post war justice, and, have placed their faith in commemoration of terrorists in the Victory Day of Sri Lanka. 

That is like U.S. citizens’ are allowed to commemorate Jefferson Davis instead of Abraham Lincoln. 

If this is the right practice of building a proud and just nation, allowing terrorist sympathisers to lite oil lamps in commemoration of them, why would not this same practice work for the U.S., Britain and for the rest of preachers who advocate the commemoration of terrorists? That remains a sensible question to ask if you have even a little bit of brainier. 

The commemoration of terrorists shall be allowed under the pretext of right to assembly and freedom of expression. We all shall commemorate all the terrorists died, and, all those who killed themselves, for the courses of ISIS, Al Qaida, Taliban and of the IRA.  

Do the commemorators of Prabakeran advocate that?

That is the today's issue in Sri Lanka, Victory Day of Sri Lanka, the day the Sri Lankan Army have brought an victorious end to three decades of ruthlessly war against the LTTE six years ago in 2009. No one shall be arguing about the fact that LTTE being a terrorist organisation. So, how come one understand the status aiders who is lighting up the oil lamps to commemorate just demise of Prabakaran? 

Those who love Prabakaren shall love the IRA sympathisers in Northern Island and lovers of ISIS and Al Qaida in UK too. British Government shall allow the commemoration of all the terrorists that have attacked its sovereignty. The U.S. Government shall allow to commemorate all the terrorist acts and terrorists who committed crimes against its sovereignty and its interests because freedom of assembly and freedom of press shall come before the sovereignty of the country. Read the first constitutional amendment of U.S. carefully. It uses the word ‘abridge’. Find out the meaning of it. If you understand that you understand a lot. 

No proud nation was ever built on the presumptions mentioned above. So, the conventional  practice of transitional justice is the crust of some developing countries. Proud nations are built on sound natural divisions, but justifiable and tolerable, not on unempirical grand beliefs.

Just because the fact that every politician has rights for beliefs and act upon those beliefs, of how a just nation could be furthered its interest, what they themselves believe-in may not be the right thing to believe-in. Conflictual positions of letter is old as the humanity itself. Only the wisdom shows the way around in this seemingly conflicting illusion.

One this is certain, the consequence of those official actions taken by the Government of Sri Lanka today, basing on those wrong assumptions, would, however, be felt on whole nation for centuries to come. 

Date – 19 May 2015 

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